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Six of Wands

Six of Wands Tarot Card

The Six of Wands Tarot CardGeneral Meaning of the Six of Wands Tarot Card

You have reached an incredible milestone and must celebrate how all of your hard work has brought success and a sense of accomplishment. This has all been worth it, so expect to be publicly acknowledged for your efforts. You could also be praised in your work situation for a job well done. People who love to see you succeed are so happy that you have achieved something in your personal or working life. Embrace their love and support as you really have done so well. Be mindful to get the word out there, think of marketing your project and shouting form the rooftops what you have achieved. You are still on a path of growing, so be ready for any possible obstacles in the future, the energy you are in now though, you’ll smash it!

Reversed Meaning of the Six of Wands Tarot Card