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Page of Swords

Page of Swords Tarot Card

Page of Swords Tarot cardGeneral Meaning of the Page of Swords Tarot Card

Look at you! You are bursting at the seams with new ideas and projects that you are passionate about! You are in a phase of wanting to express your beliefs, thoughts or personal values. This could be through writing, social media, public speaking or joining a committee. You just want to be heard and your enthusiasm in making this happen is second to none. You are exploring new ways to make all of this manifest, so don’t be disheartened if there are any hiccups on the way, just keep on going! You may also be around a person who has this enthusiasm and it is driving you to distraction! Step back for a while and then look upon them with fresh eyes as they may just be teaching you things that will help you in the long run.

Reversed Meaning of the Page of Swords Tarot Card