Psychic Readings Pricing Information


Pricing of Psychic Readings

The pricing system here on is very simple and straightforward. There are different prices for each Psychic. This is clearly shown on their profile pages, above their booking calendars.

On the ‘Readers’ page, you can search through the Psychics on the site by adjusting the results shown on the page via the ‘sorting box’ which will determine the order of the results shown (Psychic Readers).

With regards to the price of readings from each Psychic, this can be sorted on the ‘Readers’ page to:

‘Sort by price: low to high’

‘Sort by price: high to low’

There is one set reading length on The reading length is the same for every Psychic and is 50 minutes long.

Please read our ‘Refunds and Cancellations‘ page so you are fully aware of our policies.