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Are You a Psychic?
Want To Be a Guest on Psychic Social?

Psychic Social is the UK’s premier psychic podcast. Each week we provide entertaining and insightful content on all things psychic, including interviews with psychics from all over the world.

Why You Should Be a Guest On Psychic Social...

Being a guest on Psychic Social is the perfect way to tell the world about you and build your online presence. Typical interviews are about 45 minutes in length and we make the show a relaxed, fun, informal chat. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to tell our listeners all about your psychic journey and get to know more about you!

Once published your interview will be available on and on all podcasting platforms. It will also be heavily promoted on our social media channels, helping you to build your audience even further. We hope your interview will give you the opportunity to provide your gift to as many people as possible, for years to come.

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It Really Is Easy To Be a Psychic Social Guest!

Recording the show will only take about an hour of your time. Once complete you’ll have a professionally produced interview showcasing you and your amazing gift. And best of all it’s completely FREE!

Casting Chat

We’ll chat on the phone before the show and talk about the format, the questions, and anything else you’d like to talk about during the recording. Everything will be explained before we start.


We’ll record the show over Zoom or Skype (Audio only). We’ll tell you all the questions in advance. It’s not live, so we can stop and start and re-do any parts you feel you want to. There’s no pressure!


We’ll then give the recording to our professional audio producer with over 20 years experience, who will then mix your show into a fantastic audio montage for all your followers to hear and enjoy forever!


The show then goes on our website It’s then sent out across all podcast channels including Apple Podcasts, Google, Spotify & more. We then post audio excepts to our social media.

Some of Our Previous Guests

Nicky Alan_03

Nicky Alan

Acclaimed Stage Medium

Interview with acclaimed Psychic Medium – Nicky Alan. On how she began as a medium, some funny and heartwarming stories and some insights into her life.

Kim Alexis

Kim Alexis

Crystal Healing Expert

Interview with Psychic Medium – Kim Alexis. On how she became a medium, some information, and stories on Crystal Healing and Past Life Regression, plus much more.

Sas Bullock

Sas Bullock

Psychic Intuitive

Interview with Psychic – Sas Bullock. On how she became a psychic, some information about her life, past readings, her take on the afterlife plus much more.

James L_Headshot

James Levesconte

Renowned Psychic

Interview with Psychic Medium – James Levesconte. On how he practices mediumship, how he honed his psychic skills and his take on the afterlife.

Join Me on Psychic Social

I’m Oliver Duke, presenter of Psychic Social and co-founder of I look forward to chatting with you about all things psychic on our show, Psychic Social.

Please fill out the contact form and once received I’ll drop you an email to arrange a date and time to chat about the exciting possibility of you being on the show!

I look forward to hearing from you!

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