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Welcome to the Spiritual Home of Psychics

UK Psychic Directory - Coming Soon! - the definitive directory of Psychics Clairvoyants Mediums and more!

Once launched you'll be able to choose from the best psychics the world has to offer with the option of immediate live Audio and Video readings!

Once we’re live, you’ll be easily searching for Psychic Mediums, Tarot Experts, Astrologers, Crystal Healers and much more!

And when you’ve found the perfect psychic for you, you’ll be able to send them a direct message and arrange a date and time for your reading that suits you both.

If they’re online and available – you could be speaking with them in seconds!

So say NO to calling lifeless switchboards and say YES to dealing directly with your psychic.

Learn All About Below

Psychic Social Podcast

Psychic Social is the brand new podcast from Every week we feature some of the UK and the world’s most famous psychics. Hosted by Oliver Duke, he takes an in-depth dive into the lives of psychics and the psychic experiences they have. 

We interview psychics, mediums, ghost hunters, past life regression experts, animal psychics and more. You’ll get to hear from the psychics themselves, learn about their thoughts on the afterlife and get to know what they get up to outside of performing psychic readings.

Available on this website and all major podcasting channels including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more.

Some of Our Psychic Social Guests

Nicky Alan_03

Nicky Alan

Acclaimed Stage Medium

Interview with acclaimed Psychic Medium – Nicky Alan. On how she began as a medium, some funny and heartwarming stories and some insights into her life. 

Grant Colyer_HEADSHOT01

Grant Colyer

The Universal Medium

Interview with X-Factor Medium; Grant Colyer. On his amazing TV career, growing up being psychic, his spirit guide Michael and his personal thoughts on the afterlife.

Sas Bullock

Sas Bullock

Psychic Intuitive

Interview with Psychic – Sas Bullock. On how she became a psychic, some information about her life, past readings, her take on the afterlife plus much more. 

John Spratt

John Spratt

Psychic & Paranormal Expert

Interview with well-loved Psychic Medium – John Spratt. Rated one of the UK’s most respected and outrageous Psychic Mediums. Listen here now!

Want To Be a Psychic Social Guest?